The lead time varies based on many different factors. In order to enable us to answer this, we would need to know the location of the site as each road authority has different requirements for approving works on roads. We would also need to consider many other factors such as whether or not a site specific Traffic Management Plan requires development in order to obtain approval, whether an existing plan is available and whether or not traffic conditions allow us to obstruct roads at the time you require. It is due to these factors that the lead-time can vary from 1 day to as long as 8 weeks!

Every site is different and therefore the number of traffic controllers required on-site varies. The least number of Traffic Controllers on-site is just 1, however due to the risks involved with working in traffic, we recommend a minimum of 1 unless the Traffic Controllers will be required to carry out stop/slow. According to the Australian Standard 1742.3 (2009), clause 4.10.5, “Traffic Controllers shall be relieved from their duty after not more than 2 hours for a period of rest or other duties of at least 15 minutes”. This means that the absolute minimum number of Traffic Controllers required on-site, where they are to be carrying out ‘stop/slow’ is 3, one for stopping each direction of traffic and one to provide relief.

Relief must be provided by a person with the appropriate qualifications. The required qualifications are the MRWA Basic Worksite Traffic Management and MRWA Worksite Traffic Controller accreditations.

QTM takes a practical approach to works cancellations and we are not in the business of making money for nothing. However, if our crews have already commenced making their way to the depot, a minimum call out fee of 4 hours, multiplied by the applicable rate will be charged accordingly.

Yes, a minimum call out fee of 4 hours, multiplied by the applicable rate will be charged accordingly. For example, if you only require our services for 2 hours, you will be charged for 4 as we must also have to pay our staff for a minimum time.

Yes, however the existing Traffic Management Plan will require assessment by our Engineering team to ensure that it remains compliant with current standards. An Administration fee may be charged at QTM’s discretion for undertaking this assessment.

QTM made the commercial decision to no longer provide traffic management training in 2015. While all current accreditations remain valid, we are no longer providing this training and cannot provide accreditation renewal. Please visit mainroads.wa.gov.au for information on training requirements.