Marmion Avenue - Hepburn Avenue/Whitfords Avenue Upgrades

Marmion Avenue - Hepburn Avenue/Whitfords Avenue Upgrades

Client: WBHO Civil

Duration: April 2017

QTM team(s): QTM Electrical

Services: Traffic signal modifications

QTM was appointed by WBHO Civil to carry out modifications to the traffic signals at the Marmion Avenue intersections with Hepburn Avenue and Whitfords Avenue, and to make minor modifications to the pedestrian underpass north of the Whitfords Avenue intersection.

The $12m project is part of Main Roads WA's Traffic Congestion Management Plan and required QTM Electrical to modify the signals in such a way as to cater for the additional through and turning lanes and upgrades to pedestrian and cyclist facilities at both intersections. The intersections were commissioned seamlessly on 10th April, 2017, 2 months ahead of schedule and have been operating as intended ever since.

The project is just another example of how QTM Electrical is delivering on game changing projects for WA and one which we were proud to be part of.

Upgraded Marmion Avenue and Hepburn Avenue intersection:

Upgraded Marmion Avenue and Whitfords Avenue intersection: