Alan Stewart

Alan Stewart
Design Supervisor

In my past life I was a landscape gardener at an amazing private property overlooking Cable Beach in Broome. I moved back to Perth, and reality in 2007 to buy a house and start a family and joined the design team at QTM. I'm a bit sports mad and follow the AFL, NHL and NFL but my real passions are fishing and American style low and slow BBQ. Yee Ha! I captain my own competitive BBQ team (yes, there is such a thing) with a mate and my brother who share this passion with me. Our team is called Grilla Warfare and we're proudly sponsored by QTM. Find us on Facebook.

At QTM, I provide general oversight over all day-to-day engineering team activities by working directly with the engineering team to achieve objectives and satisfy applicable requirements. As the Design Supervisor, I am responsible for team performance and reporting to management. My role also requires me to ensure that client needs are captured and adequately met including the timely delivery of products and services by providing adequate supervision over the engineering team. This includes ensuring that jobs are processed in the company’s information systems for the timely billing and tracking of cost information.

I've supervised over 1,000 jobs with QTM, and been involved as a designer or draftsperson with many more. My role means that I oversee a great quantity of works on a day-to-day basis including works for local government, and state government agencies such as Western Power and the Water Corporation who require prompt and reliable service from the Engineering team.

If you have any queries about traffic management, or for any new job bookings or quotes please contact me today on 1300 557 930, or by e-mail at